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Instituto Scholars Fund

The Instituto Scholars Fund provides scholarships to our many promising students who are eager and prepared to continue their education in college, but find themselves unable to meet the full costs - learn more about how and why the Instituto Scholars Fund was launched.
The Fund aims to cover the remaining financial obligation for a student's education at an accredited institution for tuition, school fees, or textbooks. Typical scholarships will range from $500-$2,000, but may go up to $5,000. Students may receive support from the Fund up to three times.
Apply to the Instituto Scholars Fund:
To apply, students must complete the application and meet the following criteria:
1. Student has graduated from an Instituto school within the past five years.
2. If eligible, student has completed the FAFSA.
3. student has applied to at least three other scholarship opportunities, or can explain why these opportunities have been difficult to access
4. Student must submit documentation outlining their current education costs, financial awards, and the funding gap they wish to address
Scholarship recipients will be selected based on three key criteria:
1. Academic Promise: Student has demonstrated significant potential and determination to succeed in their education.
2. Career Oriented: Student has a clearly articulated path to graduation and related career goals
3. At Risk of Leaving School Due to Finances: Student has few, if any, options to meet their funding gaps.
Students who are selected for the scholarship will be required to attend periodic meetings with a post secondary counselor.
Applications are reviewed twice a year, deadlines are July 1st and November 1st each year.